The outdoorsman in me, is in many ways, the heart and soul of who I am. Living in New York does not easily allow me to nurture the wild blood that runs through my veins.  I often catch myself day dreaming about walking the woods hunting squirrel, or freezing my ass off in a duck blind in hopes to shoot a limit of birds. Luckily, I am able to make yearly pilgrimages back home and around the United States to “feed” that wild side within me.  There are few more satisfying moments in my life greater than the ones I have had cooking gumbo post-duck hunts with friends and family.  It is not just about the hunt, but rather about putting in the work to harvest your own food for the dinner table. Truly, there are no better meals as intimate and satisfying as knowing exactly where your food came from. Build a duck blind, shoot the ducks, cook, and enjoy with your kin. That is when you start to get it.