As a young boy, I recall my earliest, fondest, and most lasting memories centered on food.  Whether it was my dad competing in a community cooking contest, my mom preparing family meals every evening, or PaPaw eating biscuits and mayhaw jelly with me when we visited during the holidays; I cherish those as well as and so many other memories of my childhood.  Growing up, my mom and dad encouraged me to make a “happy plate,” meaning I finished all of my food. Needless to say, I always did, and it still “irks” me to waste food.  Well, all of those happy plates did their job, and today I find myself blessed to live in New York City and married to the love of my life, Candace Koehl Bourgeois.  My time in New York City, has afforded me a network of new friends and family that I look to for inspiration, support, and good times.