A couple of weekends ago, I was fortunate enough to take a couple of days off prior to my weekend and drive up to Holland Massachusetts. Candace and I had planned to go to the Brimfield antique fair which we attend every year.  Now I thoroughly enjoy antiquing, but I would be lying if I said I was not equally excited to spend three days in a cabin on the Hamilton Reservoir casting for lake perch and the elusive sac-a-lait. In Louisiana, the name sac-a-lait is used, but in most other regions around the United States the name crappie is given. Because I caught these fish outside of Louisiana I will refer to them as crappie throughout this recipe post.  I was successful enough fishing in the mornings to cook Mrs. Candace dinner one night.  The menu consisted of cornmeal fried perch and crappie, cooked greens and onions and buttermilk drop biscuits. 

But first... You have to catch the fish

Once you have caught your fish it is important to clean them properly. Here are a couple of pictures and videos to show you how to clean and scale your perch and crappie. I prefer this method which is to not filet but fry your catch "on the bone"


Now that you have your catch clean, it is time to batter them or dredge them. I like to smear yellow mustard and hot sauce on prior to dredging in cornmeal.  It is better to do this 15 minutes before to allow your catch to marinate for a bit. Here is the process. 

Notice I went mustard, egg wash and then into seasoned cornmeal. Once your fish is fully dredged and coated; it is time to get your grease hot and start cooking!

Time to eat! But first, how do you eat a small fish no bigger than the size of your palm off the bone? Glad you asked! Here is how you do it.

The most important part of this recipe post is to share your food and cooking with not only folks that you love but folks that you may have differences with. The power of food to "build bridges" and "mend fences" is undeniable! So when you plan on cooking for that special someone; just remember, EAT LIKE A SOUTHERNER. #EatLikeASoutherner